Creating an Empty Page Template Type

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Template Types are effectively a template for a template. They are necessary in order to take advantage of AEM's Editable Template feature. Templates and Template Types are stored beneath /conf. The Lazybones project created the base directories for us.

Editable Templates by design are edited in AEM directly. The exception is Template Types, these are intended to be created by developers and so we will create the empty template type on the file system.

There are 3 main areas of Editable Templates:

1) Structure - defines components that are a part of the template. These will not be editable by content authors

2) Initial Content - defines components that the template will start with, these can be edited and/or deleted by content authors

3) Policies - defines configurations on how components will behave and what options authors will have available.

Since Template Types can be thought of as a template of a template you will find the same structure for the template type. There are examples of template type structures that can be found beneath: /libs/settings/wcm/template-types/

There are quite a few nodes to configure. Instead we have provided a zip file with the updates needed for the empty template type.

1) Download the following zip file: Arquivo:Conf wknd settings

2) On your local file system unzip the file. In ui.apps replace the /conf/wknd/settings/wcm folder with the contents of the zip file.