Adding a custom thumbnail to Adobe AEM project

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1) Create a picture named thumbnail.png. The recommended dimensions are 64 x 64 pixels.

2) Place the thumbnail in the vault definition folder.

Location: wknd-sites-guide/ui.apps/src/main/content/META-INF/vault/definition

3) Update the ui.apps pom.xml to include the definition folder.

When building the package the maven content-package plugin will compile the files and folders inside the ui.apps project into an AEM package. You can direct it to use the custom thumbnail by updating the <build> tag in the ui.apps/pom.xml


4) Deploy your AEM package.

For example:

mvn -PautoInstallPackage clean install

5) Verifying

To verify that it works, go to the Package Manager and search you project package. It should be set with the new icon.