Changing navigation buttons in Adobe AEM

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The contents of navigation buttons stay on `/libs/cq/core/content/nav`.

Renaming a button

So, to rename "Sites" to "Websites" you would do:

1) Open CRXDE Lite and go to /libs/cq/core/content/nav.

2) Click on `sites`. You can see that the `jcr:title` holds the name of the button ("Websites").

3) You should not change `libs` folder directly, so we will replicate the content to our `apps` folder.

4) Click the `sites` node and click `Overlay node`.

5) Make sure you have the following values:

   a) Path: /libs/cq/core/content/nav/sites
   b) Overlay Location: /apps/
   c) Match Node Type: checked

6) Navigate to the `apps` folder to the same location:


7) Click `sites` node and edit the `jcr:title` to "Websites".

8) Click `Save all`.

9) Access the AEM Dashboard to see that the navigation button "Site" is now renamed to "Websites".

Hiding a button

To hide a button, you should do almost all steps from the "Renaming a button", but the property to edit is:


Make sure you create/set it to `Boolean` value `true`.

Creating a new button

The creation of a new button involves copying some button from the original location `/libs/cq/core/content/nav/sites` to `/apps/cq/core/content/nav/sites`.

Then, you rename it and change the following properties: