Creating Content Root to define allowed templates

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Before pages can be authored through the UI, a content root needs to be set up for your project. The content root will define the allowed templates for the site and is used to set other global configurations. By convention the content root is not intended to be the Home page for the site and instead will redirect to the true home page.

This will be done in CRXDE Lite:

1) Create a node named mysite of type cq:Page beneath /content

2) Create a node named jcr:content of type cq:PageContent beneath /content/mysite

3) Add the following properties to the newly created jcr:content node:

sling:redirect Boolean true sling:redirectStatus Long 302 sling:resourceType String foundation/components/redirect will use the Foundation Redirect component to perform the redirect.
Name Type Value Description
cq:allowedTemplates String[] /conf/mysite/settings/wcm/templates/.* Will allow any templates created under the mysite folder to be used
cq:deviceGroups String[] /etc/mobile/groups/responsive defines the device groups used in Layout Mode. Will use the default settings.
jcr:title String My Site title
jcr:primaryType Name cq:pageContent primary node type
redirectTarget String /content/mysite/en redirect target