Creating a new project with Lazybones

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Example of creating a project called 'aem-guides-wknd':

1) Check that lazybones is installed:

lazybones --version

2) Run the following command:

lazybones create aem-multimodule-project aem-guides-wknd

3) Answers to the questions:

Maven Group ID: com.adobe.aem.guides

Maven Artifact ID: wknd-sites-guide

Use New Module Naming Convention: yes

Put Bundle in "bundles" sub-directory: no

Bundle Artifact ID: wknd-sites-guide.core (Name of OSGi bundle)

Content Package Artifact ID: wknd-sites-guide.ui.apps (Name of AEM content package)

Maven Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT (starting version of project)

Project Name: WKND Sites Project (human readable name)

Group name for Content Package: aem-guides/wknd (Package Manager group)

Target AEM Version: 6.3

Folder to create under /apps: wknd

Folder to use under /content: wknd

Create AEM 6.2 Editable Templates folders?: yes

Folder to create under /conf: wknd

Create a site design?: no

Create a main client library?: no

Create a dependencies client library: no

Enable code quality checks?: yes

Create Environment-Specific Config Folders?: no

Set root mapping to /welcome(Classic UI)?: no

Include ACS AEM Commons?: no

Using Sling Models?: yes

Sling Models Package: com.adobe.aem.guides.wknd.models

Purge DAM Workflows?: yes (always a good idea to turn this on)

DAM Workflow Retention Period (days): 7

4) Navigate to `aem-guides-wknd` and build the project:

mvn -PautoInstallPackage clean install

5) The packaged should have appeared at Package Manager at "Tool Icon" -> "Deployments" -> "Packages" (http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr/index.jsp).